Rules of Discipline

  1. A student shall lose his/her right of Admission to his/her class, if he/she fails to attend his/her classes continuously for 15 teaching days from the date of the commencement of classes.
  2. The courses of study in J. B. College are full time courses. No student can take any other full time course concurrently. If any student is admitted to any other course, then the student/guardian should inform the college authority immediately and discontinue the other course if he/she wants to continue the course at J.B. College. Violation of this provision will lead to disciplinary action.
  3. If a newly admitted student of HS or TDC First Semester fails to attend classes within 07 (Seven) days from the commencement of classes, he/she will forfeit his/her seat.
  4. Students are responsible for their conduct to the Principal and are prohibited from doing anything either inside or outside the college, that amounts to breach of discipline or interference in the discipline and normal working of the college. Students shall be liable to disciplinary action for violation of any of the rules of discipline. Disciplinary action may involve warning and/or fine, and/or suspension from classes, from the examination, from the use of the college library or even from the college as such.
  5. Students shall conduct themselves in decorous manner both towards the members of the staff (Teaching and Administrative) and towards their fellow students. Insubordination, unbecoming language or indecorous conduct including teasing, ragging, assaulting others, etc. shall be severely dealt with.
  6. Students shall maintain perfect silence in the classroom and desist from demonstration or disorderly behavior. They must not loiter in the corridor or in front of the classroom and must keep as quiet as possible at all times.
  7. Students shall take proper care of the college property, furniture and premises and they must not spoil or cause any damage to, or tamper with the college property, furniture and fittings. They shall not litter the college campus.
  8. Students shall leave their bicycles, scooters/ motorcycles locked in the shed provided for this purpose. No two-wheelers should be parked in any other part of the college campus.
  9. No Society can be formed in the college without the permission of the Principal, nor shall any person be invited to address a meeting in the college without the prior permission of the college authority.
  10. Students shall not bring in to college campus any article deemed by the college authority to have a dangerous and /or disruptive influence on the academic environment. Use of Cell phones is strictly prohibited inside the college campus. Students who fail to switch off their Cell phones inside the class will have to pay a fine of Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only). Students found in possession of Cell phones inside the examination hall are liable to be expelled.
  11. All students will be required to attend classes and other activities held inside the college campus in College UNIFORM as given below: 
    • Boys’ : White Shirts and Black Pant, Winter wear-Navy Blue Sweater/Blazer.
    • Girls’ : White Mekhela and Chaddar with Navy Blue Border and Navy Blue Blouse or White Salwar & Navy Blue Kurta with White Dupatta. Winter wear- Navy Blue Sweater/Blazer
  12. Ragging is strictly banned inside the college premises. Students found to be involved in any form of Ragging will be expelled from the college as per the Supreme Court Order. The newly admitted Students will have to submit duly filled Anti-ragging affidavit on the first day of the commrncement of class to the Academic Vice Principal of the concerned stream.
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