Dr. Rubi Mahanta

Associate Professor


Dr. Rubi Mahanta

Name of the professor: Dr. Rubi Mahanta

Date of Birth: 01-09-1963

Address (Residential): Purana Gayan Gaon, Tarajan, Jorhat, Assam                                                                                                       

Designation: Associate Professor             

Department: Assamese

Area of Specialization: Language

Date of Appointment: 06-11-1992

Honors Conferred: M. Phil, Ph.D

Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Number- 9435351124/7399051124 


  • I have attended four refresher course under D.U from 1997-2002
  • I also participated in a Short Term Course: ‘Translation studies on selected N.E languages (I.D), from 27th Jan- 2nd Feb, 2014, held in the Academic staff college G.U.


  1. Seminar: ‘Assamese Songs and Lyrics: studies in the socio-cultural perspective’, held in the Dept. of Assamese D.U on 21st-23rd March’06.
  2. National Seminar: ‘Sankardev’s Literature, Culture and Philosophy’, held at G.U on 16th-18th Sept’06.
  3. NAAC Sponsored National seminar: ‘Best practice in Higher Education with special reference to colleges of N.E India’, organized by IQAC J.B College, Jorhat from 4th & 5th Nov’06.
  4. International Conference: ‘Bhakti Movement and Srimanta Sankardev’, organized by Axom Kalatirtha & Assamese dept, Pragjyotish College, Guwahati on 8th-11th March’07.
  5. UGC Sponsored National Seminar: ‘Indian Women In Present Day Society’, organized by the Women Cell of JB College from 31st Aug-01st Sept’07.
  6. UGC Sponsored National Seminar: ’Society and Culture of Foothill Tribe of N.E India- Changes and Continuity’ organized by Amguri College on 12th & 13th Dec’08
  7. UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar: ‘Parag Chaliha: The Man & His Mission’, organized by the Dept of Assamese, Sibsagar College, Jaisagar on 27th April’10
  8. Seminar: ‘Role of Museum In Education And Culture and Problem & Prospects of Museum in Assam’, organized by District museum, jorhat & dept of History J.B College, Jorhat on 18th May’10
  9. UGC Sponsored National Seminar: ‘An Enquiry Into The Aesthetic Distinction of the Folk songs of the N.E India’, organized by the Dept of Assamese, MDK Girls College, Dibrugarh on 28th & 29th June’10
  10. UGC Sponsored National Seminar: ‘Critical studies on the Works of Dr. Banikanta Kakoti, organized by the Dept of Assamese, D.R. College, Golaghat on 21st & 22nd Aug’10
  11. UGC Sponsored National Seminar: ‘Life & Literary achievement of Rabindranath Tagore’, organized by the Rabindranath Tagore study centre & Dept of Assamese, Sibsagar Girls College, Sibsagar on 22nd & 23rd Dec’10.
  12. UGC Sponsored National Seminar: ‘Cultural Tourism in the N.E: Problems & Prospects’, organized by the Dept of History, Jorhat College on 7th & 8th Jan’11
  13. Sahitya Akademi sponsored State Level Seminar: 'Emerging Trends in Assamese Literature', organized by J.B. College, Jorhat.01.11 to 12.01.11
  14. UGC sponsored National Seminar: 'Environmental Awareness : A Great Challenge to Control Environmental Pollution', organized by the Department of Economics, Jorhat College, Jorhat from 02.11 to 12.02.11
  15. UGC sponsored National Seminar: 'Shrimanta Shankardeva: Life, Art and Thought', organized by Centre for Shankardeva Studies, Swahid Peoli Phukan College, Namti, Sibasagar. (05.11 to 14.05.11)
  16. UGC sponsored National Seminar: ‘Urbanization and its impact in Today’s world with special reference to North-East India’, organized by CKB Commerce College, Jorhat. (4th & 5th May, 2012)
  17. UGC sponsored National Seminar: ‘Dr. Bhupen Hazarika : His contribution in the field of Assamese Literature, Indian Cinema and Music’, organized by Furkating College (20th & 21st July, 2012
  18. UGC sponsored National Seminar : ‘Literature and Society : With special reference to Assamese Literature’, organized by Department of Assamese, Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya, Jorhat.( 6th & 7th July, 2012)
  19. UGC sponsored National Seminar: ‘Reading and Re-Reading Contemporary Women Writers of North-East India’, organized by The Department of English, Jagannath Barooah College, Jorhat. (3rd & 4th May, 2013)
  20. UGC sponsored National Seminar: ‘Human Values and Its Impact on Society’, organized by The Department of Sanskrit, Jagannath Barooah College, Jorhat. (4th & 5th October, 2013)
  21. UGC sponsored National Seminar: ‘Sankardev in the context of India’, organized by Dept of Assamese Dimow College on 6th & 7th Sept’14
  22. UGC sponsored National Seminar: ‘Lakshminath Bezbarooah; A Pioneer of Modern Assamese Literature & An Architect of Assamese Nationalism’ organized by Nagaon Girls college on 19th & 20th Sept 2014
  23. UGC sponsored National Seminar: ‘Biodiversity: Conservation & Crisis’, organized by teachers unit, Nandanath Saikia College on 29th & 30th Sept’14
  24. UGC sponsored State-level Seminar: ‘Syyed Abdul Mallik’r Sahitya Kriti’, organized by Jorhat College on 24th Jan’18


  1. UGC sponsored state level workshop: 'Asamiya Binodon Sahityar Gatidhara', organized by J.B. College and Heritage of Assam, Asom Book Fair, Jorhat on 01.01.11.
  2. Workshop on Assamese Language: 'It's Conservation, Expansion and Propagation', organized by Assam Sahitya Sabha Distance Education Council, Central Institute of Assamese Studies in Collaboration with J.B College, Jorhat during 24.06.11 to 28.06.11.
  3. UGC sponsored National Workshop: Indian Women : Balancing Home and the Word Organized by J.B. College Women Cell during 20 to 21 January, 2012
  4. National Workshop on Logic and Epistemology (Indian and Western) sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, organized by The Department of Philosophy, J.B. College, Jorhat during 26 to 28 April, 2012.
  5. UGC Sponsored Workshop SAM (Sensitivity/Awareness/ Motivation) Organized by J.B. College, Jorhat during 26th to 30th March, 2013.
  6. NAAC Sponsored National Workshop on Accreditation Initiatives on Quality Sustenance and Quality Enhancement. Organized by IQAC J.B. College, Jorhat, Assam during 23rd & 24th August, 2013.


  1. ‘Sankardevar Sahitya’r Nandantattwik Adhyayan’, published in 1999 by Anjan Kumar Mahanta, Sibasagar.
  2. ‘Ujani Asamor Biyanam:Eti Bisesh Adhyayan’ published in 2013 by Ashok Book Stall, Panbajar, Ghy, Assam.(ISBN- 978-93-81850-14-5)
  3. ‘Biyanam Aru Bibahkendric Locachar’ published in 2019 by Prodyut Hazarika, Banalata, Dibrugarh.


  1. Minor Research Project: Folklore of Assam: A special study on the Marriage Song (Biyanam) of Upper Assam sanctioned on 25th October, 2005.
  2. Served as the Editor of the Women Cell’s Magazine of J.B. College ‘Srotaswini’ and served as the Joint Secretary from 2008-09, of the same.
  3. Edited a field study report titled “Ei Jatra Abirot’ published by Dept. of Assamese, J.B. College in August, 2015.
  4. Participated in a UGC sponsored National Seminar as a Chairperson at N.N Saikia College, Titabor on Ethnicity & Ethnic Movements of N.E India: Conflicts & Peace organized by Teachers’ Unit, N.N Saikia College on 28th- 29th Sept, 2015.

I hereby declare that all above mentioned details are to the best of my knowledge.

Jagannath Barooah College (Autonomous)
Barpatra Ali, Jorhat-785001
Assam, India
Phone: +91 376 3510156
Email:  jbcollege@rediffmail.com
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