Dr. Runjun Gogoi Rajkumari

Associate Professor
Dr. Runjun Gogoi Rajkumrai
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Research Interest:
Professional Experience:
Internal and external examiner, scrutinizer ,etc
As a guide to the students in projects works and preparation of dissertations
As an AOC of exams. under D.U, and as an examiner, scrutinizer of final exams. of TDC courses of D.U (Annual and Semester system).
As a guide of the students in field trips and educational tours.
Study on traditional food plant resources and bioactivities of products as dye from fruits of Basella alba L.(Ceylon Spinach) plant. Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources Volume 6(1), March 2015, pp. 38-41
Comparative assessment of air pollution tolerance index (apv ti) in the polluted and non polluted areas of Jorhat districts of Assam, India: an eco-management approach National Symposium on Himalayan Biodiversity: Prospects and challenges, March 20-21-2014.
Biomonitoring air pollution by the aid of morphological and physicochemical parameters in selected Asteraceous invasive plant species.National Symposium on Himalayan Biodiversity: Prospects and challenges, March 20-21-2014.
Agro-morphological characterization of rice lamdraces variety (Oryza sativa l.) of Jorhat and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam. International seminar on Environmental Degradation, Sustainable Development and entrenchment of poverty: Issues and Policy implication. Aug- 21 to 23, 2014
Jagannath Barooah College (Autonomous)
Barpatra Ali, Jorhat-785001
Assam, India
Phone: +91 376 3510156
Email:  jbcollege@rediffmail.com
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