Initially, the Department of Zoology was established in 01-10-1953 as a Department of Biology. Dr. Jashodananda Bharali (1953-1957) was the founder HoD of the Department of Biology. In the year of 1961, the Department of Biology separated into full-fledged departments of Zoology and Botany.

Ex-faculty members of the Department of Zoology :

  1. Prof. Jasudananda Bharali, Founder of the Dept (1953-1961)
  2. Prof. Haradhan Banarjee, HoD (1961-1967)
  3. Dr. Anil Saha (1963-1996)
  4. Prof. Pronoti Saikia, Ex-Vice-Princiapl & HoD (1965 - 2003)
  5. Prof. Krishna Prasad Sharma (1967-2003)
  6. Prof. Amal Krishna Das (1967-2004)
  7. Miloo Sarmah (1976- 2013)
  8. Dr. Reema S. Baruah (1989- 2017)
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