Dr. Pankaj Kakati

Assistant Professor


Department of Mathematics
Email ID. : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interest:
Multicriteria Decision Making
 Fuzzy Logic
Optimization Theory
Cryptography & Network Security

Professional Experience:
More than 10 years teaching experience
  1. Kakati, Pankaj, et al.  (2018). Interval neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy choquet integral in multicriteria decision making. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 35(3), 3213-3231.
  2. Kakati, P., & Borkotokey, S. (2020). Generalized interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy Hamacher generalized Shapley Choquet integral operators for multicriteria decision making. Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems, 17(1), 121-139.
  3. Kakati, Pankaj, et al. (2020). Interval neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy Einstein Choquet integral operator for multicriteria decision making. Artificial Intelligence Review, 53(3), 2171-2206.
  4.  Kakati, Pankaj. (2019) Multicriteria Decision Making Based On Some Generalized Power Geometric Operators Under The Interval Valued Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Environment, Mathematical Forum, Vol.27, 2015-2019, ISSN: 0972-9852.
  5. Kakati, P. (2021). Interval Neutrosophic Einstein Prioritized Normalized Weighted Geometric Bonferroni Mean Operator and its Application to Multicriteria Decision making. Neural Processing Letters53(5), 3395-3425.
  6. Kakati, P., & Rahman, S. (2022). The q-Rung orthopair fuzzy hamacher generalized shapley choquet integral operator and its application to multiattribute decision making. EURO Journal on Decision Processes10, 100012.
  7. Kakati, P., & Rahman, S.(2022). Decision-Making Model for Medical Diagnosis Based on Some New Interval Neutrosophic Hamacher Power Choquet Integral Operators. In Big Data Analytics (pp. 45-76). Auerbach Publications, Taylor & Francis.
  8. Kakati, P. (2022). An MCDM approach based on some new Pythagorean cubic fuzzy Frank Muirhead mean operators. Heliyon, 8(12), e12249.
  9. Kakati, P., & Borkotokey, S. (2022). Generalized Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Power Bonferroni Means and Their Applications to Multicriteria Decision Making. In Real Life Applications of Multiple Criteria Decision Making Techniques in Fuzzy Domain (pp. 207-235). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.
Jagannath Barooah College (Autonomous)
Barpatra Ali, Jorhat-785001
Assam, India
Phone: +91 376 3510156
Email:  jbcollege@rediffmail.com
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